What Is a Pediatric Neurologist?

Pediatric Neurologists are pediatricians, and occasionally adult neurologists, with special training in the pediatric nervous system.  This includes disorders of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles.  We have pediatric training (2-3 years), followed by 3 years of specialty training in pediatric and adult neurology.  We are taught by many experienced pediatric and adult neurology staff.  More importantly, we are taught by every patient that we encounter from the day we begin our training. 

The heart of pediatric neurology is in the interactions with our patients and their families.  In fact, this is one of the things that I love most about my job. Frequently, with a detailed history, and a thorough examination (which usually  involves playing with children), I can reach a diagnosis without needing to do a lot of other testing.  I may need to use other resources like rating scales, EEG, MRI, CT scans, or labs to confirm, establish, or rule out other diagnoses; but, in general, I get to use my hands, my skills, and my interactions with patients over all else. 


Pediatric neurologists diagnose and treat disorders of infancy, childhood, and adolescence.  These disorders include:



cerebral palsy,

bell’s palsy,

developmental delay,

epilepsy and spells other than epilepsy,

headaches including migraine,

concussion/traumatic brain injury,

intellectual disability,

developmental delay,

movement disorders,  including tics and Tourette Syndrome,

muscle disorders,

neurocutaneous disorders including tuberous sclerosis and neurofibromatosis, nerve and neuromuscular junction disorders including myasthenia gravis,


We also often identify and help determine the most appropriate place and type of treatment for neuropsychiatric disorders that might accompany these.  We tend to work closely with many other talented and trained healthcare professionals who are experts in their field, including psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, psychiatrists, and occasionally, if needed, with neurosurgeons (People commonly ask if pediatric neurologists do surgery; the answer is we don’t!)

I am happy to answer any questions you might have about myself, pediatric neurology, or your child.  I have also tried to make my website a useful tool for parents and physicians with concerns related to pediatric neurology.  Please feel free to contact us at Pediatric Neurology of Orange County: 949-495-9600 for further information or to set up an appointment for your child.