Contact Pediatric Neurology of Orange County

Phone: 949-495-9600

Fax: 949-249-7848 (or e-mail to fax at
(please call to confirm receipt of faxes)

Office e-mail:

Dr. Garfinkle:

For emergencies, please call 911.

You will always be able to reach us. During Pediatric Neurology of Orange County office hours, Tracey or Shana will answer your phone calls; if it is an urgent matter, Dr. Garfinkle will be alerted. Dr. Garfinkle can also be reached after hours by calling her office and following the directions to mark the call as urgent. There will be other Orange County pediatric neurologists covering patients if Dr. Garfinkle is out of town.

Communication with Dr. Garfinkle at Pediatric Neurology of Orange County


Doctor Garfinkle and her staff take patient privacy seriously. After you have scheduled your appointment, you will receive a welcome e-mail.  With this you will be invited to share your information securely using a software application called “Box.” You will have to download this onto your computer, but it will allow you to complete your forms on the computer and save them to a secure “box” that will only be accessible to you and Pediatric Neurology of Orange County office staff.

When you open your file, you will find documents that can be:

  1. Edited- first you have to download “Box Editor.” After this, you can select the pencil on the top right. This will take you to the PDF that you can edit. When you save your entries, they will automatically be saved to a “box” shared between you and Pediatric Neurology of Orange County.
  2. You may also download and print this file. When you open the file, chose the down arrow in the top right corner to download. Once you print the forms, manually fill them out and scan them into your computer. You can then click the 3 dots on the right upper corner and chose “upload new version” and select the saved file on your computer. This process will upload and share the information securely. Again, this will be shared only between you and Pediatric Neurology of Orange County.

Note: ADHD forms will need to be completed by option #2.

Less Secure:

If you prefer you may also access forms on our website, or we can e-mail or fax the forms to you. Sending the completed forms back Pediatric Neurology of Orange County by mail, fax or e-mail are less secure ways of transferring information. Faxes will come directly to our office and will only be shared by our office personnel. When we receive them, we will transfer them to your secure “Box” file, will shred any written documentation, and delete any e-mails.